Computers in Libraries MagazineIn the summer of 2015, I conducted a nationwide survey of academic law libraries inquiring about their IT organization. The survey was originally maintained by Ann Puckett, former professor, and director of the University Of Georgia School Of Law Alexander Campbell King Law Library. The last edition of the survey was completed in 2010. With the permission of the author, I conducted an updated version to investigate the latest trends of information technology management and organization among private and public academic law libraries.

The 2015 survey results were published as an infographic with a supporting article in the July/August edition of Computers in Libraries Magazine (VOLUME 36, NUMBER 6 — July/August 2016).

In 2016, with the help of a student assistant, I created an online dashboard for the survey where users can compare data from different years. The first version of the dashboard features the geographic distribution of participating schools, the average number of full-time employees dedicated to IT in law schools and law libraries, the number of schools in a shared services agreement, and ownership of specific IT domains and services.

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The dashboard is available at: